Koyatech, Inc.

» Vision
At Koyatech, we strive to be the prefered partner in the information technology industry to provides wide range of services across the entire Information Technology spectrum. We provide our clients with a platform and tools to improve business processes and to increase their competitiveness in the marketplace.

Koyatech maintains elegance and simplicity in the solutions that we design to ensure the success of our clients - today, tomorrow and beyond. We take pride in conducting business with honesty, integrity, respect, and total commitment to quality. These are principles that we demand both in our work and within ourselves. Koyatech maintains a fun, exciting and tolerant workplace. We encourage our consultants to be creative and to share in the vision of the company. Knowledge sharing across all team members is expected and encouraged. Koyatech takes a strategic, scalable approach to our projects to help maximize our clients' return on investment in building solutions. We specialize in creating technically sound and aesthetically pleasing visual design and supporting it with a strong underlying foundation built on information, navigability and technology.

» Custom Applications Development
Unique needs call for unique solutions, developed cost-effectively and with velocity. Koyatech provides comprehensive custom applications development services that span the entire software development life cycle (SDLC), from business analysis, requirements definition, design, architecture, development and end-user training.

» Project Management
Organizations fund the IT projects to support the business initiatives. Funding an IT project is just a start. Someone needs to manage it. Organization do not always have the luxury of assigning a full time employee to manage these projects. This is where Koyatech comes in. We can manage your IT projects - small or big. We bring our project management expertise to ensure the success of your IT projects.

» Offshore Services
21st century has made the world small. Your customers are global. Your vendors are global. It is no surprise that your talent pool also needs to be global to maintain your competitive edge. Koyatech provides wide spectrum of offshore IT services. This not only reduces the cost for you but also provides round-the-clock development and access to global talent pool.

» Business Process Management
Procedures, processes and people are the foundations of any organization. The unique combination and ultimate synergy of these three core elements, however, is what defines a corporation's culture and ultimate success or failure. Koyatech helps customers streamline operations and maximize resource utilization by modeling, re-engineering and facilitating critical business processes through automation.
Through our Business Process Management we provide value added services to your strategic as well as tactical projects. A respected partner of the companies within all industries, Koyatech offers a range of services covering every step from consultancy to the realization, implementation and management of complex systems.

Our highly skilled consultants, with their expert level knowledge of leading-edge technologies, will be an important success factor for you, every step of the way, when new market and business changes demand swift re-enforcement of your own staff.

» Business Intelligence
The right information at the right time in front of the right people is what organizations today require to be successful. True Business Intelligence and Corporate Performance Management can only be accomplished if the technology solutions are 100% aligned with each organization's unique business vision, strategic objectives and processes. Koyatech helps clients identify the crucial sources of information within their unique organization and then develops a comprehensive plan for provisioning this information intelligently to the organization's users.

» Infrastructure Management
Over the years, Koyatech has gathered an extensive Infrastructure Management (IM) knowledge to provide you with safe and secure IM services. Our highly skilled consultants employ best practice solutions. We offer precise and measurable commitments to service standards.

By partnering with Koyatech for your Infrastructure Management needs, you can avail of our expertise that will result in cost reductions, increased productivity through optimization and simplification, and better financial control over your infrastructure cost.

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